Born 2B Light

Projekt konkursowy lampy VM Modern Furniture
projekt / prototyp 2016

Born 2B Light is contemporary response to candlelight or kerosene lamp. It is personal, portable and adjustable item, that settle B2BL somewhere between mobile phone and mug of coffee. It is dedicated for one being purposes and just as other personal items can be used whenever you want, wherever you are and however you wish.

The form of Born 2B light is inspired by memory of childish delight seeing for the first time separation the egg yolk. Cracked egg, yolk transferred from shell  to shell and again poured the intact yolk back between two halves of the shell till yellow round shape remain alone, like a treasure in its casket. Amazing view and emotion. And how do the most famous and precious faberge eggs are usually displayed? The tripod is an answer.

B2BL is like an act of bringing the light to life, giving the warmth even when switch of.  Someone could notice that it is also like pearl in clam shell, but actually my grandma had hens in the backyards, no mussel plantation.

Born 2B Light consists of  few separated, primal shape components, that combined together makes unique form of lamp.